Box Secure file sharing platform

Virtual file sharing-platforms enable businesses to accelerate the transaction and document management cycle through digital workflow automation. As a result, your business moves faster and more productive.

Digital transformation of file sharing process

The management of any organization is based on information as the subject of work. Its main carrier is a document that provides information of a certain organizational form. As a result of the global information revolution, modern information, and consequently documentation, are characterized by high structural and substantive complexity, heterogeneity, versatility, and rapid updating. The rapid development of technologies and informatization of society gives rise to the fact that the paper basis of documented information today is losing its relevance and popularity, giving way to more modern, reliable, and mobile magnetic (electronic) media. And to simplify the work and systematization embodied in the documentation of organizational information, actively use personal computers and the latest information systems and technologies

The order and ways of movement of documents in the organization, from the moment of their receipt or creation to completion of execution or sending on archival storage, name document circulation. In modern organizations, document management is based on such principles as:

  • efficiency and accuracy of documents;
  • purposefulness,
  • parallelism and continuity of document movement;
  • the one-time stay of one performer;
  • prevention of reverse,
  • curved and other routes of document movement.

An appointment of operational documents – support of the main business processes of the enterprise and confirmation of any economic or financial transaction.

Virtual Data Room for simplifying document management

A well-established document management system becomes a basis of the internal activities of the organization and its relations with the external environment. The current direction of document management modernization is the formation of electronic document management systems, which are systems for automating work with documents throughout their life cycle (creation, registration, adjustment, storage, search, systematization, etc.), as well as processes of interaction between employees. Virtual Data Room is software the provides electronic document management in accordance with data security standards.

Online Data Room performs the following functions:

  • the use of information from a single database,
  • enter documents from various sources (from paper documents, e-mails, files of various applications),
  • reduce paperwork,
  • unify documents and reduce errors when creating,
  • support sending and storing documents,
  • provide control over the passage of documents,
  • the transition from local automation of individual operations to the automation of the whole complex of document operations
  • ultimately increase the efficiency of managers.

Box Secure file sharing platform

The variety of document flows, many of their sources, a large number of operations on the document, a large number of performers, users, the need to store information on paper – all this suggests that the issues of document optimization and control over information processing are key for any business (organizations).

Box Secure service creates a single information space for input, processing, analysis, storage of documents, and interagency cooperation.

Box Secure file sharing platform performs several vital tasks:

  • optimization and transparency of business processes
  • saving enterprise resources by reducing costs to manage the flow of paper documents
  • automation of control of work with documents at the enterprise and their exchange with contractors
  • ensuring the legal significance of documents
  • formation of an electronic archive of documents

Box Secure forms a special integration layer in the data infrastructure of the enterprise, provides the processes of creating, controlling access, and distribution of large volumes of documents in computer networks, and control over the flow of documents in the enterprise.